May 22, 2024

A lot of individuals think about tooth pain as a nuisance. This problem has pestered a lot of people since earlier times. Tooth pain has also been considered a public health problem. This problem is something that we need to be worried about, and taking care of it needs to be taken seriously.

Having tooth pain is a typical incident with young kids and adolescents, and a lot of moms and dads usually assume they know how to manage this problem. We have to remember that tooth pain might bring severe consequences when we do not correctly handle them.

What happens if I self-medicate tooth pain?

Self-medicating is a typical method that everybody is guilty of participating in. Nonetheless, self-medication is not entirely a terrible thing when we know specifically what is wrong. However, here lies the concern.

Self-medication is commonly done inaccurately. We have a predisposition that we are doing the correct thing. We often act upon the assumption of concern, and we normally base our steps on our past experiences. If you want to know more about self-medicating tooth pain and the adverse impacts it carries, see here some that are worth knowing;

Incorrect Treatment

Dealing with tooth pain in your home typically involves an ice bag and pain medicine. This procedure might help to a certain level but can not absolutely fix the issue. We might not know entirely what we are coping with, and it may even cause serious consequences. These consequences may be averted by visiting dental clinics that offer emergency services like Sunset Dentistry cosmetic dental services.

Delayed Medical Intervention

Self-medication causes delayed medical intervention. Dealing with the discomfort can be a good idea, but it can aggravate the complication. Toothaches are caused by numerous factors, from tooth decay to dental abscesses. Going to a dental clinic at the first indications of dental discomfort is highly advised to attend to the root cause of an issue.

Exacerbated Condition

Among the most common causes of tooth pain is a swollen nerve. This cause brings immense pain and discomfort to the patient. The usual treatment for individuals addressing this problem is pain medication. The problem there is that pain medication has hardly any effect on pain, so people use it a lot more. This can aggravate the issue, and more nerves end up being harmed and would require serious oral intervention. These exacerbated conditons may lead to other problems that an orthodontic treatment San Francisco clinic may need to be involved.

Adverse Drug Reactions

Using painkillers and other medicine to address tooth pain can also bring adverse reactions. The medicine that works for you might not be as effective as others and might have contraindications. The best way to treat toothache would be to visit a dental center.


A toothache is a common complication that a lot of individuals have. Experiencing these issues is an annoyance to a lot of people, and they turn to self-medication. Here lies the problem. Self-medication is typically done based on experience and assumption. However, the possible danger of treating tooth pain on your own might bring more than good. We need to realize that going to an oral center to have our tooth pain attended to would be the most effective solution to make sure that we acquire the correct treatment that is free from negative effects and long-term consequences.