September 24, 2023

Flickering lights, creaking floors, and musky smells may get you wondering if you live in a haunted house. Just before you pack your bags and leave, a little practical ghost-hunting might be necessary. Do not simply douse your house with holy water to shoo away the paranormal. Calling professionals to get logical answers might just be what you need.

No, we do not call for a seance or priests. All the weirdness and the foreboding chilly feeling originating from the house might be from damage within. Keep reading to know which specialists to call.

Ghostly Sights and Sounds Explained

Coincidently, most paranormal reports from different sources have similarities. If you have been experiencing the following, you might need to get your property inspected. If all things fail, maybe then you can decide whether ghosts are real or not.

Creaking Floors

Let’s get this straight– wood floors will squeak no matter what. There are numerous reasons for that. Aside from ghosts making their presence known, creaking floorings or subfloors may result from water damage, temperature changes, and loose nails or joints. To get this to go away, experts on water. fire & property damage services can check your property for cupping, contractions, or humidity issues.

Strange Lights

You might believe flickering lights or an unexpected light surge are spirits trying to communicate with you. It can also reveal loose connections or a power surge caused by your electrical company. Nevertheless, have a local electrical contractor check your wires and connections. You may also want to replace light bulbs as an option.

Sinister Smells and Sights

If there’s a musky smell hanging in the air, and heaven forbid, see sights that make your hair stand on its ends, you might be experiencing toxic mold exposure. That damp feeling in the air can be the spores multiplying and searching for surfaces to cling on. Long-term exposure to molds and their mycotoxins can affect health, from the respiratory system to the nervous system.

If this terrifies you, contact remediation experts. Mold testing and remediation are not as simple as you think. You can read more info on this by checking their websites. The experts can effectively remove mold and deal with issues to prevent it from returning anytime soon.

Bathroom Paranormal Activities

Flushing toilets and noisy pipes sound scarier at night. If you have toilets that flush on their own, check for ineffective flappers, the small rubber gasket that separates the toilet tank from the bowl. If noise from pipes permeates your walls, it might be time to soundproof the pipes that bring in hot water. The quick expansion and contractions trigger these spooky banging and creaking noises.

Instead of sleepless nights, call a plumbing professional nearby. You may also want to locate soundproofing specialists to install noise-absorbing composite foam inside your walls. As quickly as you get these taken care of, the sooner you’ll sleep better.

The Bottomline

Contact the professionals to get your property inspected to get maintenance work done. Whether you live in an old or new property, it is essential to get repairs and restoration work when necessary. Safeguard your house from damage or the threat of damage by being mindful of what takes place inside your home.

You can rest easy when everything functions properly. Then, you can kick back, relax, and light a sage smudge stick for good vibes.