May 22, 2024

Pet emergency planning is an important part of emergency household preparations and greatly increases the likelihood of evacuating your pets to safety. One of the most sensible things you can do as a responsible pet owner is to have a pet emergency plan. 

Pet owners can do numerous things to prepare for natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, bushfires, and hurricanes. 

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Pet-Friendly Emergency Preparations

When you hear that a hurricane is coming, you do not get much time to prepare. It causes panic, and you forget what you need to do and forget important things, like your pet or things. As a result, animal shelters may turn you down because you do not have the right stuff. This is why having a pet emergency plan is so important.

A Pet Emergency Plan Should Include Three Sections:

  • Preventative
  • During
  • After

What Should You Do Before a Hurricane?

If you have the means, fleeing before a hurricane arrives is the best way to be safe. It necessitates some extra planning on the part of pet owners. This information may and should be acquired ahead of time, as you will be quite busy once the hurricane arrives.

Seek out nearby shelters

Inquire about the kinds of pets they accept and pet-specific restrictions. Ask if they have space. Unfortunately, animal shelters can only work on a first-come, first-served basis during a crisis. When you send your pet, provide plenty of food and bowls.

Prepare contact lists

Before a hurricane, make a list of your pet’s contacts and decide whether you will leave them at a family or friend’s house outside the emergency area or place them in a shelter or vet surgery. Make sure this is part of your escape plan.

Give your pet an identification tag

Part of the preventative measure is to ensure that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date and that it wears a collar with an identification tag. 

Prepare a comfortable pet carrier

You will need a pet carrier that is big enough for your pet to stand up and turn around. Place it in a convenient location. We recommend that they keep their vaccination proof in the carrier. 

Take photos with your pet

According to Dawson, people should also take pictures with their pets and save them on their phones or retain a printed copy alongside other vital documents. If your pet goes missing and loses its identity, having this photo on hand can assist you in reclaiming your pet from a shelter or rescue service.

Keep yourself updated

Knowing your situation allows you to make informed decisions about your safety and protecting your pets and family. It will dramatically increase your chances of evacuating safely.

If you have all of your pet emergency supplies listed on your pet emergency plan, you will be ready if a hurricane strikes. Follow your pet emergency plan when you receive the hurricane warning; you will not forget any important information.

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What Should You Do After a Hurricane?

You can call this restoration company and include procedures to follow after the hurricane in your pet emergency plan; this may seem obvious, but storms are devastating to humans and animals. 

  1. Inspect your home for any animals that may have entered during the storm. They are dangerous or poisonous to your pets. 
  2. Look for downed power lines in the yard.
  3. Watch out for your pet’s behavior; natural disasters such as hurricanes can cause animals to become aggressive.

If you do not have much time or cannot find a rescue shelter and must leave your animal at home, make sure they are safe and calm. If your fluffy friend has gone missing, use the photo to create posters, and hopefully, with the collar and identification tag, someone will contact you soon and reunite you with your beloved animal.


Simple steps like creating a pet emergency plan can help ensure that you do not forget anything while evacuating. Ensure you have all important information, such as vaccination records, which can result in you being turned away from animal shelters, so follow these tips to keep your pet safe this hurricane season.