April 12, 2024

Inability to have your water damage fixed after the flood or other significant water damage can be an anxiety-inducing thing to traverse. Broken pipes, leaky appliances, sewage backups, flood-prone basements, or even fire damage can all cause serious concerns. There are numerous health hazards associated with water damage that have not been adequately addressed.

Restoration of water damage is a crucial issue that requires immediate attention. Damage from water can cause a variety of structural and safety problems, which you overlook until it’s too late. First, you must stop any leaks or other issues. If you can stop any further damage, contact an expert to repair and restore your home to normal following an event of flooding and prevent more water damage and moisture damage in homes.

When Does Water Damage Start?

The impact of water damage might be apparent in just a few minutes. However, there are times that the damage becomes apparent after a few days or weeks. The extent of a home’s degradation is determined by the time it has spent in water. Being aware of how quickly the damage is causing water damage could inspire homeowners to immediately tackle an issue with water damage.

1. First 24 hours

A flood or leak will absorb everything in its path as it expands. Items that are personal, like books and photos, may quickly grow and then warp beyond repair because of this. The water will soak into the upholstery and furniture, and the walls and floors will start to take in the water. The swelling can occur in furniture, drywall, wooden doors, and windows. 

Wallpaper and paint may crack or peel, creating an electrical risk. In case your roof is leaking, and water is leaking through the ceilings, destroying insulation as well as wooden timbers. However, it is possible that mold will begin to grow during this period, and this is a serious issue.

2. 48 hours

You will recognize a significant variation in the airflow in your home. The water is able to hold humidity in the air readily, which can cause severe damage to the wooden elements of your home’s structure. According to experts, this is the moment when repairs must be completed as soon as possible.

If you need the services of a restoration company near your area, you can do a quick search on the web and type in “water restoration near me” in the search bar. Read their blog posts and articles related to water damage problems and their services.

3. One week

The destruction will only get worse by the end of the first week. The mold and mildew can begin to appear and then take over your home. Due to the humidity, Windows, doors, and floors made of wood may expand and distort, and metal can rust and become corroded. At the same time, there is a chance that there is a significant biohazard contaminant within the premises.

4. Two to Three Weeks

It is essential to know that if water damage is left untreated for longer than a week, the timeframes, prices, and effort needed to repair it will significantly increase. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to stop mold from growing, and the risk associated with structural damage is increasing.

5. In a month

When the wood elements of the structure get oversaturated by water, the entire system becomes structurally unsafe. Mold colonies have infested the structure, creating a dangerous dwelling environment for residents to live and work in.

Water damage can occur in any home regardless of the design of the house. As a result, homeowners should be prepared to contact a repair company as soon as possible. The longer it takes for dried water, the more damage will be done to the house.