April 12, 2024

When it comes to ensuring your pet’s dental health, finding the right person to perform pet dentistry services is crucial. With the two main options being your regular veterinarian or a specialist known as a veterinary dentist, it can be a difficult decision to make. Are they both equally qualified? What’s the difference between the two? This article will dive into these questions and provide helpful advice to make the best decision for your pet’s dental needs.

Why is Pet Dental Health Important?

Just like humans, pets also require regular dental care to maintain their overall health. Dental problems, if left untreated, can lead to severe issues, such as infections, tooth loss, and even damage to vital organs. Pets rely on their teeth not just for eating but also for playing and protecting themselves. Hence, prioritizing their dental health is essential.

Pet Dentistry Services

Pet dentistry services encompass a wide range of procedures, including routine dental cleanings, tooth extractions, treatments for periodontal disease, and even orthodontics. A thorough examination, along with appropriate diagnostics such as X-rays, will ensure the correct identification of any concerns and the implementation of suitable treatments.

Veterinarian: Your Pet’s General Practitioner

Just like your general physician cares for your overall well-being, a veterinarian is responsible for your pet’s health. They are knowledgeable about various aspects of pet health, including dentistry. Veterinarians have completed a comprehensive education covering numerous areas such as surgery, medicine, and preventive care. Additionally, they receive some education in pet dentistry during their schooling and internship periods.

Pet Allergy Testing

One of the many services offered by veterinarians is pet allergy testing. This can be especially crucial if you notice your dog allergy symptoms and signs. These symptoms can include itching, hair loss, and respiratory issues. The veterinarian will perform a test to identify the allergens that may be causing the reaction and recommend appropriate treatments to manage the allergies.

When Should You Choose a Veterinarian for Pet Dentistry Services?

In most cases, your veterinarian will address your pet’s dental needs during routine checkups and vaccinations. They are well-equipped to provide basic dental cleanings, evaluate dental health, and identify any concerns. They can also recommend and provide pet dental health tips to ensure the continued oral care of your pet. In cases where your pet experiences severe dental problems, your veterinarian might either perform the necessary procedure or refer you to a specialist. However, you should always choose a veterinarian who you trust and believe has your pet’s best interests at heart.

Veterinary Dentist: A Course for Complex Cases

A veterinary dentist is a specialist veterinarian who focuses on advanced dental treatments for pets. These professionals possess additional education and training in pet dentistry, enabling them to work with complex dental cases that general vets may not have the expertise to handle. A veterinary dentist has spent time completing dental residencies, internships, and examinations to gain certification from the American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC) or a similar organization.

When Should You Choose a Veterinary Dentist?

While your regular veterinarian may be able to handle most dental issues, there are certain cases where opting for a specialist is a better choice. For example, if your pet suffers from severe periodontal disease, fractured teeth, or oral tumors, a veterinary dentist may be the best option. Providing expert consultations and advanced dental treatment options, a veterinary dentist will work in tandem with your veterinarian to ensure optimal dental care for your pet.

Pet Cold Laser Therapy

In recent years, both veterinarians and specialists have started offering an innovative treatment known as pet cold laser therapy. This non-invasive treatment is particularly useful in dogs, and there are several dog laser therapy for mobility available. By stimulating the body’s innate healing capabilities and reducing inflammation, pet cold laser therapy can help improve your pet’s mobility and quickly recover from surgery or injuries.


Choosing between a veterinarian and a veterinary dentist to provide pet dentistry services depends on the complexity of your pet’s dental needs. For routine dental care and minor issues, a trusted veterinarian should suffice. However, in severe or complex cases, opting for a specialist is the ideal course of action. Regardless of the professional you choose, make sure they have the necessary experience, qualifications, and compassion to care for your cherished pet.